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Clarins Face Serums take Skincare to the Next Level

Power up your skincare regimen with targeted, problem-solving serums! Our face serums are designed using a range of botanicals — sourced from around the world — to deliver a concentration of ingredients that amplify the benefits of your moisturizer. A simple but highly-effective way to target your specific skin concerns!

What is a face serum?

Clarins serums are concentrated, nutrient-rich formulas that target specific skin concerns and boost the performance of your moisturizer.

Clarins always chooses a natural ingredient over a chemical one, if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. This is the golden rule researchers followed when designing our innovative skin serums. Each product contains a carefully selected collection of botanicals: some of these ingredients are seasoned stand-bys, while others are at the forefront of skincare innovation as new breakthroughs are made in technology and plant science.

Your result? Regular use of these key ingredients as part of a Clarins skincare regimen can help the skin to appear plumper and more hydrated, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and dark spots.

The bonus? Since each Clarins skin serum is formulated with the best herbs, exotic fruits, soothing flowers, and tree extracts, every application of a serum is a unique, sensorial experience that delights the senses and generates a sense of wellbeing. What’s more, each of our serums has a refreshing, lightweight texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

How to include a serum in your routine

Apply a serum after cleansing, toning, and applying eye cream. A serum should be applied before your moisturizer, since it’s designed not only to deliver a boost of nutrients to the skin but to enhance the benefits of your moisturizer.

A face serum adds water to the skin, plumping it up so your moisturizer works more efficiently. The beauty of a serum is that it allows you to address additional skin concerns like dark spots or enlarged pores, while leaving your moisturizer to work its magic.

A skin serum can be included in both your day and nighttime skincare regimens—or, if you’re using two different serums to address your skincare concerns, you can use one type in the morning and the other at night. Always apply to cleansed skin and remember not to use too much product at once. It’s a common misconception that the more you use, the better the results. Serums are much more concentrated than moisturizers, so a little goes a long way.

To maximize the product’s efficiency, you’ll need to make sure you’re applying it properly. Keep in mind as you go through the application method, that each Clarins serum has a unique texture and natural botanical fragrance—so relax and breathe deeply to enhance the full aromatherapy and phytotherapy benefits.

  1. Warm: Bring the serum to skin temperature by warming between your palms so your skin accepts it instantly. 3 seconds should be enough.
  2. Apply: Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly over your face and neck. 8 seconds is all it takes.
  3. Drain: Use Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method to enhance circulation, revive radiance and promote healthy looking skin. Repeat: 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead, 5 times on the neck and décolleté. 16 seconds later and you’re all set.

What serum should I use?

A beauty consultation in-store or online will help determine your skin’s needs — or you can take our Serum Finder quiz to discover the best serum for your particular skin concern. If you’re in doubt about which serum to use, Clarins Double Serum is an excellent choice for women of all ages, ethnicities, and skin types—even the most sensitive skin.

Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum is an iconic two-phase serum formulated with 21 potent plant extracts—including age-defying Turmeric—to visibly firm, smooth and boost radiance. Inspired by the dual water and oil nature of the skin, it combines the perfect ratio of water soluble (hydric) and oil soluble (lipidic) ingredients to address all visible signs of skin aging. Think of it as two power-packed serums in one!

This classic formula has been revisited seven times as new breakthroughs have been made in technology and plant science. Now on its eighth generation, Double Serum is our most powerful age control concentrate ever—suitable for all ages, all ethnicities, and all skin types.

Bright Plus Serum

Serums that target dark spots, discolorations, and dullness should leave your skin looking visibly fresh and revitalized. Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum is a powerful, fast-absorbing serum with oxygen-boosting Myrtle Rose extract and Acerola cherry seed that can help alleviate skin congestion to revive the appearance of dull skin.

V Shaping Facial Lift Serum

Visibly defined facial contours are essential to youthful-looking skin. Over time, gravity along with exposure to UV rays and pollution take their toll on our skin — leading to slackening of the facial contours. V Shaping Facial Lift Serum is the latest skincare advancement in contouring!

Clarins Laboratories has identified the visible "lifting" power of Organic Agropyron, a wheat grass, best known for its super-gripping action. V Shaping Facial Lift Serum is charged with Clarins' new Organic Agropyron plant innovation — along with guarana and oat sugars — to visibly lift and visibly redefine the facial contours. Hyaluronic acid aids the skin with intense hydration while zerumbet ginger extract and escin from horse chestnut can help to visibly refine and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Super Restorative Remodelling Serum

Super Restorative Remodelling Serum is an intensive anti-aging skin serum with Narrow Leaf Plantain and Harungana extracts to visibly tighten the appearance of skin-slackening and minimize the look of deep wrinkles and age spots for a more youthful-looking oval.

Extra-Firming Phyto-Serum

Concerned about wrinkles and skin-slackening? Extra-Firming Phyto-Serum—with its smooth ultra-sensorial gel texture—is a breakthrough power lift serum that uses potent Kangaroo Flower and Mitracarpus extracts — ingredients that can help target the appearance of wrinkles and skin slackening.

Hydra-Essentiel Bi-phase Serum

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get relief for dry skin is to use a skin serum. Hydra-Essentiel Bi-phase Serum delivers a refreshing, bi-phase action—using the super-hydrating power of Organic Leaf of Life extract and Beautyberry—to help quench thirsty skin that’s tight, dehydrated and lacks radiance.

Pore Control Serum

Ideal for oily skin types or if you’re concerned about the appearance of enlarged pores, Pore Control Serum works in three essential ways to minimize the appearance of pores—using firming vine flower and mattifying organic strawberry tree fruit extracts to visibly tighten enlarged, dilated pores. Tamarind pulp acid naturally exfoliates to help smooth and visibly refine your skin's texture for a boost of radiance.